“True power is living the realization that you are your own

healer, hero and leader.”

- Yung Pueblo

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My journey with yoga began before I was aware of its existence...

It started in the winter of 2013, in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. I was attending my freshman year at University. At the time, I struggled to feel inspired by the traditional educational system. It seemed to me that despite successfully getting into school and doing well, I wasn’t getting anywhere. I remember constantly feeling stuck, empty and lost. 

I spent the next few semesters aimlessly trying to get through each class, ultimately just to get a degree in something I wasn’t passionate about.

I felt disconnected to my true desires; I craved freedom and a creative outlet, a purpose. To fill the void I turned to destructive habits and toxic relationships... But deep in my heart, I knew something had to change. After my first year, I made the decision to leave school and move back home.

What I thought would be an easy transition, wasn't so. Rather than feeling excited about the future, I became anxious and depressed. I was paralyzed with the fear of not knowing who I was, what I wanted to do, or where I was going in this life. I started to procrastinate and avoid making decisions because I didn’t want to make the “wrong” one. I was scared of failing and disappointing the people around me. My mind constantly raced with thoughts and I didn’t know how to turn it off. With the support from my family, I decided to see a therapist who helped me navigate through this transitional period. She helped to shine light on the barriers that kept me from growing, while illuminating the inner strengths I had lost sight of. This allowed me to clearly see new insights that would help to awaken my greatest potential further down the path…

Shortly after, I was introduced to yoga for the first time. I started practicing with an app on my phone which had classes I could easily follow as a beginner. At the time, I was working a retail job full time and didn’t have the time or money to afford to go to nearby studios. So, I started practicing yoga at home. At first, it was just a few minutes here and there. Quickly those few minutes turned into 30 minutes and eventually, I was practicing yoga for an hour nearly every day. I was immediately drawn to the technical exploration of the asanas- the postures. I loved the physical challenge and it didn't take long to notice the benefits- gaining strength, flexibility and creating space in my body that I had never felt before.


Soon it occurred to me there was a more subtle, internal change happening as well.

For the first time I truly felt calm and peaceful. On my mat, I was able to become more mindful of the obsessive thought patterns, how to non-judgementally observe them and gracefully let them go. The racing thoughts slipped away and I was left only with the fluid movements connected with breath. I immersed myself within the practice for the next few years, bringing what I had learned on the mat, into my daily life and habits. 

I had no idea what would come from the experience, but the deepest part of me knew that if I kept my heart open it would lead me to my path...


My interest in anatomy and bodily mechanics led me to attend an Advanced Massage and Bodywork School in Charlotte, where I completed 500 hours studying Neuromuscular and Therapeutic Massage. From then on my world completely changed, as I was introduced to an entirely new way of living which integrated yoga, mindfulness, meditation, plant based foods, and other holistic practices that opened my eyes to ideas and topics that I had never thought about before. A year after graduating from school and working as a Bodyworker, I signed up for my first yoga teacher training. The eight months that followed were humbling, transformative and grounding. I felt a new awakened sense of purpose and awareness, a shift in my practice- from the material to the spiritual.

I was so inspired by my own growth and what I had learned, that I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible.

Yoga reminds us to return to the essence of the heart- our true self, in our rawest, purest form, so that we can discover who we really are, what ignites us and how we can be of greatest service to others. I believe we all have a purpose in life and unique gifts to share with others. This practice has been a voyage of self discovery, the most healing and life changing experience for me yet. It has opened my heart and created a space for myself to mend, love and grow. I hope to share this powerful practice in hopes of inspiring others to live a life infused with greater states of peace and purpose.

On the mat, I teach an alignment based Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. I incorporate mindful sequencing and themes to infuse classes with purpose and intention. I encourage freely exploring the physical and subtle bodies with breath awareness. 

I currently reside in Ubud, Bali. When I’m not teaching or working, I love spending my spare time outdoors in nature, traveling and being around loved ones. I love igniting my creativity through cooking, journaling, listening to podcasts and writing. I believe yoga is a lifelong practice that can be reached in our daily lives, through gratitude, compassion, joy and love. 

I look forward to connecting with you further on and off the mat to inspire and empower one another!

Love & Light,


A special thank you to Darius Ollison for providing the photography featured on this page.